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Know Me Better...

   My full name is Kushal Rajiv Thakore and I hail from one of the biggest business and food centers of India: Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad also boasts of being the biggest and the most advanced city of Gujarat State.

    Born on the auspicious date of 2nd of November, 1977, I am known to be a typical Scorpio.

   My Family:

My father's name is Rajiv Subhash Thakore and my mother's name is Shobha Rajiv Thakore. My father is the director of The Venus Engineering Company located in Ahmedabad and my mother is a housewife. I am proud to have such loving parents.

I also have an elder sister by the name of Maushumi, who is married to my excellent brother-in-law Kairav Kiritbhai Shah. They have given me the most loveable niece anyone can get: Ashna.

On the 16th of January 2001 Payal and I got engaged and gave a new form to our close friendship. She is the latest addition to my family and I love her! Check out our engagement snaps! We plan to get married around late January 2002.

    Now regarding my Education:

I finished my schooling from one of the best schools in Gujarat, St. Xavier's Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad in 1995. I did my two years of Mechanical Engineering from Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad after which I came down to the United States to pursue my Bachelors in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. I  graduated with my BS degree in Spring 2000 and am currently pursing my Masters in Computer Engineering at University of Florida, Gainesville. Currently doing my work with Dr. Stanley Su in the field of Web-based Knowledge Networks.

    My Workplace:

I am currently working remotely as a Web Developer for E-Integrators, Inc., located at Boca Raton. My projects include:,, amongst others.


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