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Kushal R. Thakore
2000 SW 16th Street, #123
Gainesville, Fl-32608


Seeking a challenging job that utilizes and further furnishes my computer applications and programming skills.


Currently pursuing:
MS in Computer Engineering      University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

BS in Computer Science               Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA


e-Integrators, Inc .( )

Web Specialist from August, Ď99 - till date.



UNIX, IBM compatible machine

Operating Systems

SUN OS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT, MS DOS

Programming Languages

Java, C, C++, Assembly (Motorola 68K)

Web Development

Java Servlets & Applets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), IBMís Net.Data, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript


DB2, SYBASE, MS Access, MS SQL Server 7.0

Software Packages

Visual Cafť for Java, Visual Age for Java, MS Visual Interdev 6.0, MS Image Composer, Visio 5.0, FrontPage 2000, AutoCAD



Map-it was developed using J2ME (MotoSDK) and Java (JSDK 1.3) as part of a two-member team for the "Killer App" Competition sponsored by Motorola's iDEN division. It assists in getting driving directions on a mobile phone, specifically Motorola's i85. Related press release .


A school project of a superstore implementation with concentration on designing and implementing the back-end database using SYBASE 11x. Java Servlets were used along with JDBC for database connectivity.

Reader/Writer Solution (famous OS issue)

As a school programming assignment, I have implemented the Reader/Writer problem in Java using Threads, Sockets and RMI.

An E-Commerce Website, currently offline, in 3 languages. The site awards points for web activities like surfing and shopping and much more. The points you can finally redeem for cash or products. Being a part of the 3-member development team for the site, I have been responsible for designing, coding, and customizing several pages. The whole project is on AIX 4.3.2 and with DB2 as the database. IBMís Net.Data has been used to interact with DB2 along with extensive HTML and JavaScript. is a b-2-b website for the global floral industry. I have been responsible for the entire Shopping Cart implementation of the website along with other small parts. Languages used were JSP, Net.Data along with HTML and JavaScript.

Siggraph Interface Demo ( )

A user interface created for a class project using JDK 1.2 and Visual Cafť. The interface is just a demo made against a dummy database. The documentation and use-case diagrams for the project are available on the website itself.

Kushal's Open Forum

An ASP project for school, which is an implementation of a Message Board where anyone can post a message and anyone can reply to it. It has an administrative side also to it.

Kushal's FTP

Designed and implemented a unix based half duplex File Transfer Protocol (client/server) in C.


Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Computer Internetworking, Mobile Computing, User Interface Design, Data Communications, Database Management Systems, Programming Languages Principles.

Currently working on Internet-based Knowledge Networks under Dr. Stanley Su in the Database Center of University of Florida.


Named on the Deanís List at Florida Atlantic University.